Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

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SSDO: Digital Oilfield (DO)

Digital Oilfield workshop (or special session) is dedicated to the problem of oilfield industrial processes automation in order to reduce the prime cost of the oil extraction. The scope is very vital in the current conditions of the 'era of the low crude oil prices'. Special attention is to be paid to the Data mining methods application. Researchers and bussiness representatives are invited, who are interested in the following topics:
  • Oilfield operators' industrial decision support systems;
  • Contemporary and perspective automation control systems;
  • Enhancement of heavy oil production;
  • Oil wells recovery methods;
  • Artificial intelligence methods application in the tasks of oil industry;
  • Pattern recognition and digital image processing in the local oilfield tasks' solution
Korovin Iakov,
Southern Federal University, Russia

SSML: Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis and Computer Vision

It becomes that much easier to gather image data by the rapid development measurement devises, network systems, and IoT technologies. One of the hot research areas should be computer vision and medical image analysis. The paradigm is shifting how analyze and how utilize the obtained big image data. Here, machine Learning plays the most fundamental role. This session will invite paper submissions related to various kind of machine learning techniques for computer vision and applications including medical image analysis. And, contribution to practical application and results are welcome.
Masakazu Morimoto and Syoji Kobashi,
University of University, Japan

SSDS: Distributed and High Performance Systems

The main objective is to target on the state of art in the domain and sharing experience in search of collaboration opportunities. Researchers and bussiness representatives are invited who are dealing with the next topics:
  • Cloudy calculations and Grid (successful applications);
  • Multiagent technologies in the development of automatic control systems;
  • High-Performance Soft-Architectures for Digital Signal Processing
  • Synthesis of High-Performance Computing Structures
  • High perfomance computing systems application in the pattern recognition and image processing tasks.
Korovin Iakov,
Southern Federal University, Russia

Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

We welcome you to organize Mini-Workshop / Organized Session / Tutorial Session in the ICIEV!

The aim of a W/OS/TS is to provide a complementary flavor to the regular sessions and should include hot topics of interest to the ICIEV areas/topics that may also go beyond disciplines traditionally represented at the ICIEV.

Proposal Submission:
Prospective organizers of W/OS/TS should submit proposals with the info below:
  • Title of the W/OS/TS:
  • Objective of the W/OS/TS: Define & explain - how the W/OS/TS will be different/related from the subjects covered by the regular sessions.
  • Name of the W/OS/TS organizers and short profiles of them.
  • Information on possible papers, presenters and apart from papers to be presented, mention whether you will invite any speaker for the W/OS/TS. [Minimum number of papers for an OS: 4 accepted papers at least]
  • Mini-Workshop length: Half-day workshop may be allowed.
Email office [AT-MARK] with your proposal.

W/OS/TS's evaluation criteria:
  • Interest on the topic
  • Evaluation on the organizers [& panel of experts reviewers for W/OS]
  • Plan of the W/OS/TS
All papers presented in the W/OS will be included in the Conference Proceedings. Therefore, all papers must submit according to the instructions of the ICIEV.
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